Sunday, June 2, 2013

đơn xin việc mẫu bằng tiếng anh

Head of Human Resources
IE Singapore
230 Victoria Street,
7th Floor, Bugis Junction Office Tower,
Singapore 188024
Dear Mr. Khaw,
I would like to express my special thanks for your career information in NUS campus talk on 8 March 2006.
With regards to the talk, I am writing to seek the opportunity in your company. With active participation in
faculty activities, and strong background knowledge of Finance and Marketing coupled with research and
consultancy skills, I am confident of my ability to be the suitable candidate you are looking for or to
contribute to IE Singapore in any areas of my studies -- Finance and Marketing and Technopreneurship.
There are at least three reasons that prompt me to opt for this position at IE Singapore. First of all, I would
very much like to be exposed to a challenging working environment that offers global perspective. Through
the website and other resources, I am convinced that IE Singapore, with her
relentless efforts to create exceptional values through problem-solving and value-added services for the
clients, is a very good hub to help nurture and develop talents, expertise, integrity and leadership skills.
Secondly, I highly appreciate the cultural values at IE Singapore where work-life balance is accentuated
and taken care of. Last but not least, it is my analytical and enthusiastic nature coupled with a selfmotivated
desire to excel and take up challenges that convince me I am well cut out for the position at IE
Much far as my academic background is concerned, I have just graduated from National University of
Singapore with a merit bachelor degree in December 2005. As a fresh graduate, I have not accumulated
much working experience. Nevertheless, my key assets lie in a solid analytical mindset of corporate finance
and marketing doctrines and the keenness to autonomously learn new things.
Besides my studies, most of my time was spent on school activities and Singapore social projects as
addressed in my attached detailed résumé. And in addition to all the foregoing, I have also worked as a
research assistant in NUS Consulting (NCO). I have garnered invaluable experience from some projects
done for NCO, namely the Maritime Ma****** Study for Singapore Maritime and Port Authority; BT-GBI
Business Climate Survey which is conducted quarterly and jointly by The Business Times and Global
Business Insights of IE Singapore to track changes in the business climate in Singapore and overseas. Ms.
Chow Kit Boey, my Economics Professor as well as the ex-Director of NCO, is the one who nurtures my
development and most of my research skills are now the inherits from her experience during my
memorable time in NUS.
With these qualifications and working experience, I think my professional skills and knowledge help me to
seek an opportunity to be part of IE Singapore. I am also eligible to apply for permanent residence invited
by Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority upon securing a job offer.
I understand that as an aftermath of globalization, IE Singapore is planning to expand the operations to
other countries, one of which is my nation, Vietnam. Therefore I hope I can be together with you building
up a strong expansion scheme. I would very much welcome the opportunity to be able to attend the
interview. I really look forward to further discussing with you as regards my commitment to IE Singapore.
Yours faithfully,
Tran Nguyen Hoang S

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